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As a valuable cultural institution and one of the most visited historic sites in the nation, The Sixth Floor Museum's mission and visiion is not only to help place into context a series of bewildering historical events for a very broad spectrum of visitors, students and scholars, but to make the experience relevant in today's world; our role is to inspire.

Your tax-deductible gift today helps us connect, engage and inspire Dallas, our region and the nation.


audiences by providing greater context to the story of President Kennedy and the 1960s, not just the assassination;


students, educators and researchers alike to the Museum's robust repository of of original films, photographs, artifacts and oral histories; and


generations through the legacy of President Kennedy.

The Museum is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that receives no operational funding from local, state or 
federal government sources. For additional giving information, please call 214.389.3045 or email

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