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A Special Thank You to our Generous Supporters

The generosity of our supporters allows The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza to engage, connect and inspire!
Through your investment we have preserved and taught the history and legacy of President John F. Kennedy,
and are featuring enhanced educational and community outreach programs.

Thank you for your generosity!


Lindalyn Adams

Jeanette and Rev. Earl Allen
Allie Beth and Pierce Allman
Diane Anderson

Argonaut Private Equity Charitable Fund

Barbara and Don Baynham
Ashlea and Mark Bennett
Ann Blankinship
Janice and Lackland Bloom
Mary Bloom
Carolyn and Ronald Blum
Elmer Boyd
Mike Brennen

Carole and John Bronzo
Eugenia and Archibald Bryant

Carlos Buentello
David Cabrales
Cynthia and Gordon Camuel

Patty and Bob Canavan

Karin and Elliot Cattarulla

Clare and Cal Chaney
Michael Cheever

Allison Cheney
Greg Clock

Gretchen and Edward Coben

Missy and Mike Collins

Chuck Conrad

Howard Cooke and Steele Cooper

Sarah and George Cooper
Annette and Jack Corman

Mimi and John Crain

Dallas Hotel Magazine

Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Albert Davies
Patricia Deaton
Gary DeLaune
Zenetta Drew
Lea and Jeff Dunn

Jack Duffy

Phyllis and Victor Elmore

George Engdahl

Karen English

Alina and Ruben Esquivel

Ezzie Films LLCAlberto Galue and Rusty Rippamonti
Carol Gantt and Henry Wells
Martha Iliana Garcia
Read and Steven Gendler

Kenneth Giannoules

Pauline Graivier
Sandy and Jim Greyson
Anne Haskel
Susan and Greg Hasty

Michele and Ken Hensler
Mona Hersh-Cochran

Theresa and Brian Hocker
Kaki and Shelton Hopkins
Herbert Hoxie
Nathanael Hudson
Keith Hughes

David Ingram

Augustine Jalomo and Philip Nirchi
Harriet Jeffers

Eric Johnson and Mark Parker

Jill and Charles Johnson

Ron Jones

Ida Kaufman
Margaret and Lester Keliher
Tom Knock and George Sellers
Halee Kotara

Paul Landis
Barbara Landregan
Bob Latham
Veletta Forsythe-Lill and John Lill

Julie and Michael Lowenberg

Brent Lyons
Bill Mackey
Michael Masucci

Bob Mathis
Suzanne and Richard May

Nora and John McCaa

Katy and Ken Menges

Cynthia and Allen Mondell

Diane Reischel and Bob Mong
Nicholas Monteleone

Lawrence Moraca
Franci Moses

Michele Myers

Nexstar Broadcasting Inc.

North Central Texas College

Pete Northway

Lynne and John Novack

Becky Nussbaum

Will O'Hara

Carolina Pace

Perot Foundation

Nicole and David Perry

Eric Peschke
Hannah and Harlan Pollock
Keith Pomykal

Poor David's Pub
Jennifer and George Prentice
Carolyn Raiser and Andrew Streitfeld
Gene Riddle
Myrna Ries
Kimberly and MC Roman

Rotary Club Terrell
Larry Sabato
Abel Saldana

Pat and Bob Schieffer

Larry Schnapf

Joan and Michael Schulman

Enika and Richard Schulze
Ellen Seldin
Deanne Siemer and Howard Willens
Denise and Dale Skuldt

Brenda Hendrix-Smith and Wayne Smith

Linda and Tom Smith

Elizabeth Solender and Gary Scott
Paul Sokal
Bill Sommer Jr.
Sabina and Andy Stern

Sandra and Richard Stewart

Claire Stirling
Norma and Don Stone

Karin Strohbeck
Corine Sutherland

Kevin Taggart

Dane and Tom Taylor

Richard Trask
John Tucker
Virgil P. Warren Foundation
Ken Wagoner
Judy and Gerald Wall

Kathy Weber

Cyril Wecht

Karen and Howard Weiner

Chart Westcott

Jane Wetzel

Elaine Wiant
David Williams
W.P. and Bulah Luse Foundation
John Yarbrough

Adam Zaner

Carol and Roland Zavada
Wendy Zhao


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